Meeting Minutes

Commissioner’s Meetings are held at the Enumclaw City Hall (Council Chambers) the first and third Monday of each month at 6:00pm and are open to the public to attend. If the meeting day falls on a holiday, please call the Headquarters Station at (360)825-5544 for updated meeting information. Meeting notices are also posted, as per RCW, on the bulletin board by the front door at Headquarters station, sent in to be printed in the Courier Herald, and sent to the City of Enumclaw website.  Thank you.



Current Year Commissioners Meeting Minutes






3-4-14   Special Meeting Minutes





1-6-14  ECTV Video-Commissioner Meeting

1-21-14 ECTV Video-Commissioner Meeting

2-5-14  ECTV Video-Commissioner Meeting

2-18-14 ECTV Video-Commissioner Meeting

3-3-14  ECTV Video-Commissioner Meeting

3-17-14 ECTV Video-Commissioner Meeting

4-7-14 ECTV Video-Commissioner Meeting



Enumclaw Fire Department will make efforts to post the Commissioner’s meeting minutes and/or video recording for each Commissioner’s meeting as soon as possible after the meeeting has been held. Meeting minutes are posted as “unapproved” and are subject to change or revision until “approved” by vote at the following meeting. If you have questions regarding a past or upcoming Commissioner’s Meeting, please feel free to call the Headquarters Station at (360)825-5544.




Meeting Minute Archives


10-7-13   Commissioner Meeting Minutes-PDF


10-8-13  Special Meeting Minutes-PDF


10-30-13 Special Meeting Minutes-PDF


11-4-13 -Commissioner Meeting Minutes-PDF


11-26-13 -Special Meeting Minutes-PDF

11-26-13-ECTV Video-Special Meeting


12-2-13 -Commissioner Meeting Minutes-PDF

12-2-13 -ECTV Video-Commissioner Meeting


12-9-13 -ECTV Video-Special Meeting


12-19-13-ECTV Video-Special Meeting


12-23-13-ECTV Video-Commissioner Meeting



If you would like to view past year’s meetings recorded by ECTV, please follow link:  ECTV-Enumclaw City Television