Seasonal Safety

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Be prepared!

Be safe!


During the Fall/Winter months, here on the Plateau, we can see many different and severe weathers. Preparing for the various and unpredictable storms can help keep you and your family safe and dry. If we can further assist you regarding weather safety, please contact us.




Halloween Safety Tips


Halloween Safety Tips (PDF)


Heating Your Home


Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips


Winter Freeze Checklist-NFPA


Emergency Prepardness Kit Checklist-NFPA


Windstorm Safety


Winds-How to Prepare-NFPA


Thanksgiving Safety-NFPA





Heating Your Home


Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips


Holiday Safety Tips







Spring/Summer in our community brings people out of their winter hibernation, searching for outdoor adventure! Take some precautionary measures to make sure you are protected and ready for our alternating temperature changes during Spring time here in Western Washington.


Bike Safety


Water Safety


River-Boat Safety


Pool Safety


Fireworks Safety


Outdoor Cooking Safety


Recreational Burning Safety


4th of July/Firework Safety


Heat Related Illness Prevention



Enumclaw Fire Department advises to review the “Outdoor Burning” tab at the top of our website for further information and specifications on the “Recreational Burning” guidelines before you burn.






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