Senior Citizen Health & Safety

Trying to remain independent yet being in need of help with day to day home life can be a challenge. It can be overwhelming if you or a loved one doesn’t have the basic platform of information of how to stay safe in your home and healthy with your lifestyle.



Enumclaw Fire Department would like to offer safety information to senior citizens. Staying safe from falls in the home, knowing the risk factors of heart attack and stroke, and being able to remain independent as long as possbile are many achievements we want to help with.



Please read the information below. If you have further questions, please contact:



Enumclaw Fire Department at (360)825-5544 or



Jobyna Nickum with the Enumclaw Senior Activity Center at (360)825-4741.





Click link below to read about Fall Prevention:


Fall Prevention



Center for Disease Control (CDC) Information on Falls:



CDC-Fall Statistics








Click link below for heart attack information:



Heart Attack Information




Please click the link below for heart attack symptoms, prevention, and information.



American Heart Association






Click the link below for stroke information and risk factors:



Stroke Recognition



Click the link below for stroke symptoms, information, and prevention.



American Stroke Association



The Enumclaw Fire Department distributes free smoke detectors every year. If you need a

smoke detector, help with installation, or if you have a question, contact the fire

department at 360-825-5544 or click on the link:



 Smoke Alarms


Click the link below for information on Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm:



Smoke Alarms Disability Safety Tips-NFPA

Click the link below for fire safety and fall safety information:



NFPA-Fire and Fall Safety Information



Enumclaw Senior Center offers various fitness and recreation classes to senior citizens.

Click on link below for more information:



Enumclaw Senior Center



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