Address Numbers

No one plans on ever having to dial 911.  When you do, having address numbers that are visible from the street, helps responding crews locate you during your emergency!



Enumclaw Municipal Code requires that commercial building address numbers within the City of Enumclaw be in accordance with the ordinance below.  It is important that we are able to find your business during an emergency.  While the Enumclaw fire personnel may be familiar with the location of your business, fire agencies from other jurisdictions will not be familiar with the location of local businesses.  We call in outside resources which we refer to as “Mutual Aid” on a regular basis.  Mutual Aid is called for major fires/major emergencies or when our resources are depleted (multiple concurrent calls).  Having a building that has the address numbers properly displayed, allows crews to locate the building in a timely manner.   Please help us by doing your part.


Enumclaw Municipal Code 16.18:


16.18.010 Definitions.

Any term or definition as used in this chapter shall be those as set forth in the International Building Code. (Ord. 2401, 2008).



16.18.020 Requirements generally.



A. The owner, agent, occupant, lessee or tenant of any building or portion thereof situated within the city limits which has an entrance fronting upon a public street or right-of-way shall maintain a building number thereon as provided in this chapter.



B. Each figure of the building number shall be a minimum of four inches in height on single-family residential occupancies and five inches in height for multifamily residential occupancies. Individual suite numbers on commercial occupancies and individual multifamily unit numbers shall be a minimum of two inches in height. Numbers shall be of a color that will contrast with the structure’s background color and shall be either illuminated during periods of darkness, or be reflective, so the address numbers are easily seen at night.



C. The building(s) shall have the building address numerals located on the upper 25 percent of the building face fronting the public street or right-of-way. This requirement may be modified in the downtown area where buildings are closer to the public way or right-of-way. Numeral size shall be as follows:




Setback from Public Way or Right-of-Way Centerline

Less Than 75 Feet from Public Way or Right-of-Way Centerline

Greater Than 75 Feet from Public Way or Right-of-Way Centerline


12″ High

18″ High

Small Commercial

12″ High

18″ High

Large Commercial

18″ High

24″ High

Monument Sign

5″ High




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