Master Plan

Fire Protection Master Plan


The City and King County Fire District #28 contracted with Emergency Services Consulting to develop a master plan to help chart the course of fire protection for the City and District over the next two decades. After many hours of meetings and discussion, the plan is complete and available for public review.


From the Executive Summary:



“The City of Enumclaw (EFD) and King County Fire District #28 (KCFD28) contracted Emergency Services Consulting inc. (ESCi) to conduct a three-phase project for the fire department. Phase I of the project includes an evaluation of the administrative and service delivery functions of the fire department and the development a fire department master plan.


We know that information by its very nature is often incomplete. We also recognize that active and dynamic organizations like EFD/KCFD28 tend to undergo a process of continuous change. However, every effort is made to compile comprehensive and accurate observations for this report that are as complete as possible. The data gathering process used includes a broad checklist that measures results against acceptable industry standards and good practices. Whenever possible, we make quantifiable comparisons to other fire service organizations. Checklists and documentation are confirmed by one-on-one interviews with key staff members representing all program areas.


We emphasize that the consideration of this report and the eventual adoption of a long-term fire department master plan depends on the leadership and officials of the agency making informed judgments about the quantity and quality of emergency service provided to the community. This process is commonly referred to as “standards of cover.” Standards of cover are the formal policies of the governing authority that determine the distribution and concentration of fixed and mobile emergency resources. The development and adoption of such policies includes reviewing community expectations, setting measurable response goals, and establishing a system to document and evaluate performance.


This master planning report encompasses everything an agency needs to determine and prepare for future resource deployment. The process uses a systems approach rather than a one-size-fits-all prescriptive formula. Using this method, the city of Enumclaw and King County Fire District #28 should be able to match local need (risks and expectation) with the cost of various levels of service. In an informed public policy debate, the governing authorities essentially purchase the amount of fire and EMS protection the community needs and can afford.


The report document is divided into three major sections, including an evaluation of the existing fire protection system, the forecasting of service and system demand through year 2030, and the development of alternative long-term service models.”


If you have any questions or comments about the Fire Protection Master Plan, please contact Fire Chief Joe Clow at (360) 825-5541.


Fire Protection Master Plan