EFD/KCFD28 provides emergency services to the city of Enumclaw as well as the surrounding rural plateau covering approximately 56 square miles.  KCFD 28 protects a population of more than 20,000 citizens and runs over 2000 EMS and fire calls per year.



Fire and EMS services are provided from three fire stations. Primary services are provided from Headquarters/Station One (1) located at 1330 Wells Street and is staffed 24 hours per day by career firefighters and augmented by volunteer and resident personnel. Cumberland/Station Two is located in Cumberland at 35421 Veazie-Cumberland Road. Station Three is located at 43404 212th Avenue South East. Both Station Two and Station Three are staffed utilizing a resident firefighter program.



Our total staff consists of:

1 fulltime Fire Chief
1 front office staff

3 career Captains
10 career fire fighters
1 volunteer Captain
1 volunteer Lieutenant
3 resident firefighters &
approximately 30 volunteers.


Fire department equipment is divided among the three fire stations and consists of:

4 fire engines
1 water tender
3 medical aid units
1 technical rescue unit
1 wild land unit
2 ATV’s
2 utility vehicles
1 command vehicle
1921 Model T Fire Truck